Stuff uniforms should be with high quality and healty fabrics and relax designs.Klothfine Uniform since 1970 exprience for stuff uniforms and workwears.We are only produces high quality uniforms.
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We are Manufacturer Top Quality and Stylish Pants, Jeans and Trousers for Working Professional

If you are a looking for stylish and comfortable pants and jeans to wear at your workplace, then Klothfine is your best bet. Klothfine is a name you can trust. We have been operating in the industry for over 45 years. We have the experience and the expertise to design and manufacture amazing, high quality and customized workwear trousers, corporate pants, jeans and shorts. With us, you can choose from a large variety of pants and pick the color of your choice according to your needs and preferences. You can also choose from our organic collection.

Klothfine Delivering Quality and Comfortable Workwear all the Way

At Klothfine, quality and comfortable workwear is our top priority. We believe you can work best if you are comfortable in what you wear and feel confident. To cater to all types of customers, even those who are working towards environment sustainability; we have also launched our o…


CORPORATE WEAR: BOUTIQUE SOLUTIONS FOR TEXTILE NEEDS: www.klothfine.com The Klothfine Uniform has created a collection of garments that combine both utility and beauty. Inspired by years of cre...


The Klothfine Uniform has created a collection of garments that combine both utility and beauty. Inspired by years of creating and producing bespoke uniforms, features aprons, waistcoats, shirts & dresses in hardwearing but beautiful fabrics such as Denim and Linen. The Klothfine Uniform celebrates the beauty of Workwear for:

Bar staff uniforms, restaurant uniforms, hotel uniforms, hospital uniforms. Our signature piece aprons are sure to create ripples through out the realms of the café culture…

We are manufacturer for your boutique solutions for textile needs based in Turkey.
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Custom Design Uniforms

Klothfine is a well-established company with experience in the corporate garment market. Klothfine invests in technology and innovation and instead invests in product development and design, instead of standard products used in the market, offering performance enhancing products that make functional, technological and users feel better to meet the needs of institutions and employees. It is a company that blends functionality with fabric in fabric.

The aim of Klothfine is to enhance the image of the institution it serves by producing more functional and more stylish clothes that also provide the comfort of employees in the corporate environment. Klothfine, working with famous designers of Turkey, has realized the collections of clothes of many public institutions and private companies and has organized fires of great interest. In terms of functionality, Klothfine works with the world's leading fiber producers to produce yarns and fabrics for the most important companies of our count…